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Novice Rebozo Credential

The Novice Rebozo Credential is designed for those who have not taken or may not be able to take a live workshop with Gena Kirby or one of her Certified Instructors.
 This course is meant to introduce the student to using the rebozo in the birth situation, however, we recommend sticking to the relaxation techniques until you get hands on training.


Our on line certifications offer more information and video than any other rebozo course available. This is a tremendous resource, and we are proud of the extra information our students receive outside of rebozo knowledge.  Our online certifications offer you a window into ancient knowledge and modern day skills. You will walk away with ideas that will help them to pursue more learning and growth as birth professionals. Our courses are not just about technique they are about how to apply what you learn in your own home, your practice and beyond. To guide you in pursuing deepening knowledge and progression as you move through the different certifications we offer additional training to each certification.You will walk away with a well rounded education, rather than just the knowledge of different things you can do with a rebozo.+

The Novice Rebozo Credential is designed for those who have NOT taken or may not be able to attend a live workshop with Gena Kirby or one of her Certified Instructors. You will get to see a majority (the video is edited down to four hours) of the “Make The Partner Do It” workshop, however, because you will only get video instruction, I recommend that you only actively use the relaxation techniques until you have a chance to get some “hands-on” instruction from myself or one of my certified instructors.+

The most important new aspect of our University is the forums. Now that you are a student in the Novice Rebozo Credential, you will have access to the private Novice Rebozo forum. Make sure that you take advantage of this aspect of our new format. You never know who will be in those forums, in fact, you may meet a birth professional from half way around the globe. Regardless of who you meet, you will be able to ask questions of your peers and see questions and answers to questions you never knew you had. Please visit the forum as soon as you have taken a section or two, or if the unit you are watching triggers any questions you would like to have answered.

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  1. Awesome Course! New Doula, and Well Equipped to serve my clients!!


    I began my journey as a Doula, lead by my personal experiences giving birth. I was unable to have a Doula in attendance, and I know it impacted my overall experience in a negative way (i only knew of one, and timing didn’t play out). While I am one person, if my presence can help another mom to have the birth experience she deserves, I want her to own that!
    I sought out Gena Kirby’s course after much research and coming across this awesome tool called a Rebozo! I was fascinated as soon as I learned of it! I enrolled and was beyond excited to participate!!
    This course is comprehensive, eye opening, and gives you SO MUCH to offer your clients as a means of support. Whether you are the acting “partner” or are helping the true partner engage in this birth, you will be flooded with ideas and tools to help any birth go more smoothly. I am just starting out, but am grateful beyond words for what I have learned and how I can better help my clients. Just taking this course I feel more professional and ready to go in well educated and knowledgeable. I want my clients to feel that same confidence in me.
    Taking this course I cried as I realized how much better my births could have been, with what I know now. I am due in a few months with our 3rd and am far more prepared than I ever thought possible! (I do have a doula hired this time as well) Thank you Gena Kirby!! Your wisdom is invaluable!!!

    If I were to make just one suggestion it would be this, make the course “self paced” within the time given for course completion. Whether 2 months or however long a student is enrolled, make it to where they can be productive with the time They have available. As a busy mama, finding the time to study does not come easily. So when I would have a block of time, I would look forward to accomplishing a great deal, only to be disappointed to see the next portion wouldn’t be available for 2 days and 23 hours. At times, this was not doable, and I would go a week or more before having another opportunity to study.

    This course was amazing and I will encourage every doula friend I have to take it!! Thank you!!!

  2. 5

    I’ve been a doula for nearly two years, always felt something was missing. I found it with this course, the rebozo will forever change the way I doula!

  3. Online Novice Rebozo


    It was great information! I am happy to have all this information and look forward to helping my clients using the rebozo. I was frustrated with a few aspects though: the “drip system” is a good idea for absorbing information but I felt like some of the units were incredibly short and then I’d have to wait for days, I also wasn’t allowed to answer some of the assignments, a glitch in the program I’m guessing, and just had to mark them complete so I could move on in the course. Finally, the audio and video quality were also hit or miss. Honestly, not sure I’d ever take another online course here, but like I said the information was great. I think if I have a next time, I’d do an in person course.

  4. Not what I was expecting...


    I was so excited to be able to take this course but have not been able to complete it before the deadline. Not exactly sure why it kept happening but more than a week would go by before I was able to click onto the next lesson. I understand a day or two so that you can’t hurry through but several times it was over a week before it would allow me to continue and now have trimmed out of the class. Great content but was only able to complete approximately 85 % of the class.

  5. Thank you Gena for your hard work and heart that went into this course! I think my most favorite was the end video about using the rebozo during pushing. Your love for this work and women/babies came through! I feel comfortable now using the Rebozo with my clients and will carry this knowledge with me, and continue to expand on it, forever! Love you friend! You're the best!


    Any doula looking to deepen her understanding of heart based birth work and holding space for birthing people should add this course to their knowledge base.

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