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CDP: 50 Petit Video Trainings

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Welcome to the Cultured Doula Programs Petite Video Training series. Each week we will release a short (30 minutes or less) training video from Gena or any of the other CDP instructors. Generally, Petite trainings will be released on Tuesdays each week, but see the schedule below for more.



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    Never has anything affected me to this degree… as a doula. Mind blown. Thank you so much!!!

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    Resounding Value

    I am blown away by the quality conversation going on in the CDP Petit Training Course. Just 4 weeks into the 50 week training and everything is resonating on such a cellular level with me that if, for some cosmic reason, I was unable to proceed any further in this course, my life would already have been irreversibly altered for the better. I cannot wait to see what else is coming down the river. SO EXCITED!

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    These trainings are amazing! I can’t believe how much I have grown after these. I am excited to support my clients and feel like I have a fuller toolbox to pick from

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    Petit Video Review

    This was a great start to my training. There was information here that could be used in any profession.

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    Petit Video Review

    There was information here that could be used in any profession.

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    Middle of the Year Review

    After participating in the CDP for a few months now, I want to update/add a new review.
    The start of my year, was pretty shaky, and I was looking for something to help turn that around. I said to myself “I need to do better for ME this year”. When I saw Gena promo-ing the CDP, and all it was going to offer, with so many amazing speakers, and subjects near and dear to my heart, I thought “Ta da!! This is what I’ve been looking for!”
    Now after a few months of participating in the CDP (along with the Master Rebozo course), I can honestly say, it’s been well worth it. I’ve for sure grown a as a doula, I’ve begun to make myself import, and I’ve found a whole new bunch of inspiring people to help motivate me!
    Can’t wait for next week!

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