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CDP: Flock Yeah! Recordings


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  1. Powerful!

    All I can say is Wow! What a powerful insight!

  2. absolutely amazing!

    Wow! WOW! What an incredible honor hearing the raw beauty and imagery created by birth and birth work! I was at my first home birth and almost had to catch the baby( midwifes were not there yet) and remember my mentor swatting my hands away telling me to respect my professional boundaries and just feeling so embarrassed and scared. Hearing you talk about catching a baby and respecting your body’s reflex and honoring that was powerful! I don’t feel afraid anymore to truly listen to my intuition and follow it!

  3. Wonderful.

    Such a wonderful recording. I feel it gave me a taste of the inspiration served up at your Flock Yeahs! There is one coming near me (to Vancouver) in April, but sadly I’ll either be 42 weeks pregnant or have a newborn. I look forward to being able to bask in the power of these gatherings, one day.

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